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Discover How We Use Alkaline Herbs To Remove Disease In Just a Few Weeks To 30 days!
Even If You Have No Prior Knowledge Or Experience!

Next Session: 5pm pst/AUGUST 21st 2022

In This FREE Masterclass With Cosmic Cell Foods
Get Ready To Discover: 
  • How To Use The Natural Herbs Properly: Learn what herbs we should be using for healing specific diseases.
  • 3 STEPS OF HEALING: ​Sebi taught us that there are 3 levels to healing and they must be understood if you want to heal and remove acidity from a body.
  • Why Certain Foods Cause Disease: Youll learn why acidic foods are the leading cause of all diseases and how these foods are cultivated.
  • Our Step By Step Process: ​Learn the process we've used to heal our clients of a myriad of diseases.
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Next Session: 5pm pst/AUGUST 21st 2022

Who Is This Masterclass For?
This Masterclass is for those of you who have already struggled through the motions of doing it alone or doing it the hard way. 

Maybe you’ve already tried eating healthier...

Or perhaps, you’ve tried your luck with BIG PHARMA & natural health product companies...

You might have even attempted to heal yourself with herbs...

But the outcome is always the same. 


That’s why you’re here, on this page, looking for a way out, and a direct route to a better, more PEACEFUL, HAPPY, & POSITIVE life. 

You don’t want to WASTE TIME, MONEY, OR ENERGY on DOING THE WRONG THINGS, because you’ve already tried (and failed) more times than you can count. 

You’re here because you want fast, consistent, long-term results. 


And this is where you’ll find it 👇
Discover How We Use Herbs To Remove Disease In Just 30 days!

Next Session: 5pm pst/AUGUST 21st 2022

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…
Who Is Richardo & How Can He Help Me?
Hi, i'm Richardo Hannah!
They say that if you want to be successful in Healing, the fastest, most effective way to learn is from someone who’s already walked a mile in your shoes. That’s me!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve studied the tricks of the trade as a mentee of the Great Dr.Sebi and his wife Maa. After 5 years of study, I became a Certified Master Herbalist to take my knowledge of healing into the world. Im currently getting my Certification in Biochemistry at Harvard University. My goal is to bring the needed information that can help us all achieve healthier lives from the alkaline approach.

I’m living proof that you don’t need: 
  • A Medical Degree
  • FAD Diets
  • Pharmacy Medication
To be successful and HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER when it comes to Healing.

All you need is a simple, step-by-step blueprint, that will lead you straight to the healthy lifestyle that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to live. 
And this is where you’ll find it 👇
Discover How We Use Herbs To Remove Disease In Just 30 days!
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